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What Should You Do In Case of an Electrical Fire?

An electrical fire could be caused by faulty wiring or by appliances that are generally overloaded among other numerous factors. Most people tend to panic and get overly confused when such an incident occurs mostly because they do not have a clue about the steps that ought to be taken. This article gives insights on what to do in case of an electrical fire to prevent it from spiraling out of control.

  • Prioritize Your Safety
Electricity short circuit / Electrical failure resulting in electricity wire burnt
In case the fire is huge and spreading thick and fast, you should make sure that you put your safety first. If you are unable to cut off the electricity and put out the fire, you should call the emergency services and inform them that there is an electrical fire. Furthermore, you must ensure there are at least two pathways that can aid you to scamper for safety once the fire becomes hard to manage.

  • Avoid Panicking

Despite the fire you are facing, you should remain very calm and composed. You need to recollect yourself and face the whole situation head-on without stressing as it could ultimately lead to very absurd and dangerous decisions. This is the number one cannon as it dictates how you deal with the fire in general.

  • Disconnect the Electricity

This is vital and should be done immediately you realize that an electrical fire is happening. You should cut off the power in the specific section that has been affected. Sometimes the electrical fire might emanate from an appliance and you should unplug it as soon as the fire starts. More so, the fire might proceed from a wire and this necessitates cutting off the power at the panel to control and mitigate it.

  • Smother the Fire with Baking Soda

This is crucial in the control of small fires once you have cut off the power to that specific area. Smothering the fire with baking soda is most effective when you are dealing with appliances where the fire can be readily controlled before it becomes rampant and extremely dangerous.

  • Fire Blanket

This becomes useful once you have turned the power off and mostly when you do not own a fire extinguisher. A fire blanket limits and inhibits the supply of oxygen, which the fire needs to thrive. It will therefore be able to put it out as long as the fire is small enough. Having a blanket handy is therefore very important as a way of managing electrical fires. It is vital to stress that this is only applicable once the power is turned off hence there is no live electricity involved.

  • Do Not Use Water

You should not use water to put out the fire because it ultimately culminates into a shock, as water is a conductor of electricity. You could easily get electrocuted and severely harmed in your botched attempt to bring the fire under control. However, there is an exception where you can douse the fire with water once you ensure that the electricity is turned off. This applies to the areas that are very susceptible as they can be readily ignited. This helps to curtail further growth of the fire. You can also use a fire extinguisher once the power is off.  You should spray it on the fire and can be quite helpful once you confirm that there is no live electricity.

  • Call a Professional Electrician

This is very essential as it ensures that you have dealt with the underlying issue once a professional carefully looks into it and solves it appropriately. You should avoid being exceedingly confident about how you can control the fire by yourself. You should opt for the emergency services who are better equipped to deal with the electrical fire if the whole exercise becomes very tasking and quite difficult for you to manage.

The foregoing are the several ways that can help you control an electrical fire and mitigate it appropriately. Preparation and prior planning are very important as it helps you to be a step ahead when such an incidence occurs. This helps you avoid some sort of unwarranted damage as you can address the problem better and speedily. These measures could be the definer of whether you could face and encounter a small or a very big and major catastrophe. If the fire still happens despite taking the right measures, you want to call in the professionals to assess the issue and ensure that such an incident will never happen again.

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