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Three-Phase Systems

A three-phase system is a polyphase type most commonly used to provide motors and many other devices with power.

It transmits electricity using less conductor material than any equivalent systems of two-phase, single-phase, or direct-current at the same voltage.

It is one of the more common methods that electricity is transmitted, and the team at Buchmann Electric are experienced in handling these systems to ensure they work efficiently for you.

What Is A Three-Phase System?

The three-phase system acts as the foundation of the majority of electrical systems which consists of the generation, then transmission, and finally the consumption of energy. This is one of Nikola Tesla’s most important innovations that contributed to society, as it enabled energy generation and transmission that simplified as well as much more efficient.

The only downside with three-phase system is that because of the increased power value, it means the electrical transmission system also requires another transmission lines or conductors which will usually be an additional charge to the total price.

What Are The Benefits Of A Three-Phase System?

 There are quite a few benefits for businesses who have a three-phase power system installed over a one-phase system. Some of the benefits that affect most consumers are things like the option to run larger or commercial grade appliances like welders or air conditioners.

Another big plus for most companies is that businesses who have three-phase power systems installed at their premises can also increase the total amount of solar power that you can have installed onsite.

Who Needs A Three-Phase System?

Most commercial businesses like restaurants as well as many others will most likely require access to a three-phase system so they can operate industrial appliances and tools such as  coffee machines, multiple electric ovens, and refrigerated cool rooms.

Occasionally there may be some commercial properties which seems like they may already have three phase systems installed, but the existing cabling is too thin to safely handle the power required. This usually means all the existing three phase 100-amp cabling must be removed and replaced with new cabling that allows power to be drawn up to 200-amps. Once the cabling has been safely replaced, workplaces like factories or mines suddenly become able to draw huge amounts of power for large industrial purposes.

If you have an electrical pole with a power transmission line located on your property, it is usually always a good idea to check for any signs of rust around the base of the pole. If your pole ever becomes damaged during a freak storm with strong winds, the pole could get blown over at any time which would obviously become a severe hazard. If you notice at any time that there is damage to your pole, it is very important that you immediately contact a qualified electrician like the technicians at Buchmann Electric.

If your business requires installation of new three-phase sub mains for the safe operation of equipment and machinery, Buchmann Electric can help. We can install three-phase sub circuits specifically to suit your requirements, as well as repair or service any existing three-phase equipment onsite.

Three-Phase Meter

Three-phase meter boxes have space inside for 8 x three-phase cables, with 4 cables connected to the three-phase circuit breaker, while the remaining 4 are connected directly to the fuse board. Three-phase wiring system are not usually as expensive as the wiring required for one-phase, for which the cabling is also cheaper to run. Single phase system utilizes alternating current over a neutral wire and a power wire, meaning that the current flows between the two.

Upgrading From A Single-Phase System

 Buchmann Electric are able to connect some single-phase cabling to an existing three-phase system simply by connecting together two live conductors. A phase conductor and a neutral wire can also be connected to link up a one-phase system to three-phase power.

When single-phase cabling is connected to a three-phase system, the load from the single phase must be distributed equally over the 3 phases of the three-phase system. Three-phase systems are quite robust, with a very efficient motor which can be used to run compressors, conveyor belts, and a wide range of other industry-specific machinery.

Buchmann Three-Phase Systems

Whether you need a brand-new three-phase system, or your existing three-phase requires servicing, contact the experts at Buchmann Electric to discuss what you need. Our fully qualified electricians work with you to ensure your three-phase system its designed and installed correctly.

All work carried out by Buchmann Electric will be double checked so everything works correctly, efficiently, and safely and we always complete our jobs on time and on budget.