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Sortation Systems

Sortation on a conveyor system is the process of identifying different items and then diverting them using a range of devices to specific destinations and are controlled by various task-specific software. Sortation systems are applied to a wide range of different applications depending on the different item types as well as the required speed.

Sortation systems are an ideal solution when you need to separate products along in-feed conveyor lines for redirection into packing stations, palletizing operations, shipping lanes, and a wide range of other applications of sortation. These sortation systems are extremely versatile and can be modified or adjusted to suit a wide variety of different sized items of various weights as well as multiple divert lanes.

Sortation systems divert loads between different conveyor lines at varying speeds whether relatively slow or very fast, depending on load type and application. Frequently used for on-demand e-commerce operations and smaller sized orders, products are easily sorted to their appropriate destinations simply by using the right controls.

These systems may include a variety of automated conveyors, as well as cross-belt sorters, shoe sorters, pop-wheel and roller sorters. Sortation systems like these are designed to promote shipping accuracy for the sortation of order sizes from low to high volume, along with the ability to increase the frequency of shipping. Sortation systems offer labor savings, cost reduction, and increased productivity which all ultimately allows for improved customer satisfaction.

High Speed Sortation Conveyor

One of the more common and effective sortation systems, these high-speed conveyors are designed specifically to provide intelligent sorting. Belt-driven conveyors for sortation provides a much more reliable method of tracking packages compared to other systems while diverting to the correct stations. Diverters can be used to sort items at rates of 100 per minute or greater, and can be controlled in many ways, from code readers, PLC controllers, photocells, or many other established methods of control.

Slat & Shoe Sortation Conveyor

Designed to sort products at 30-degree angles whenever close divert centers are required, or 22-degree angles where close divert centers are not so critical and higher speeds are required. Products are easily transported on these anodized aluminum slats until divert shoes automatically move diagonally across conveyors at preprogrammed locations where they push items onto other take-away lines. This family of sorters are designed specifically for applications where products that need to be diverted gently at high speeds.

Small Item Sorter

These sorters can accurately track and then sweep small to medium size items that were previously non-conveyable such as cylindrical objects at speeds of up to 140 items each minute.

These sorters are often manufactured using a modular composite cleated belt which has a sweep mechanism that allows items that are often problematic for sorting in various stations that are 12 inches apart from centerline to centerline. Alternatively, these sorters can also be manufactured using modular plastic conveyor belts and then diverted at high speeds via right angle pushers that move the items onto takeaway chutes or along other lines.

Small item sorters are most often used in applications that demand a fast and reliable sorting of the most difficult and smallest items. Some of the more common products conveyed by these sorters may include electronic components, automotive parts, office supplies, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many more.

Medium Roller Transfer Conveyor

These sortation systems are ideal for transferring items off either side onto other right-angle conveyors, packing operations, workstations, shipping departments, ticketing stations, or other similar types of operations. The medium roller transfer conveyor units are capable of handling quite high sort rates based on product size up to 100 per minute.

Right Angle Sortation Conveyor

Most often used to sort items of small to medium sizes, right angle sortation conveyor utilizes a patented design that enables sorting of extremely thin products like vinyl envelopes or blister packs, cylindrical products, and many other problematic items

There is a wide range of criteria and options for sortation systems that should be considered when selecting the right technology for your factory, from case level, to unit level, as well as in-motion fulfillment.

Buchannan Electric sortation system are among the most progressive in the industry as we have been designing and installing sortation systems for over 45 years. With some of the most successful and highest rate sortation systems available, contact the expert team at Buchannan Electric today for more information on how our high-speed sortation conveyor, slat and shoe sortation conveyor, and other machinery or software can be integrated into your specific industry.