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Security cameras & Site lighting installations

Security technology for security camera and lighting systems have advanced a lot over the last few decades. These days, you can even see your whole property at any time on your smartphone, from almost anywhere in the world. Whether you are out the back of the warehouse, out to lunch with clients, or out in the backyard on the weekend, you can always check your business is secure with a security camera system.

Experienced and certified technicians at Buchmann Electric can design and install security camera and lighting system specifically created to suit your requirements and budget. We work together with our clients while utilizing current technology and the most up to date products to always ensure that your commercial premises have the highest possible security.

CCTV Systems

One of the most popular security camera systems Australian businesses have installed is called closed circuit television or CCTV. Available in HD-SDI, HD-CVI, traditional analog, or IP network-based formats, these CCTV security systems also have different image resolutions, use cases, and integration capabilities.

To be able to provide your business with full property video coverage 24/7, CCTV security systems need ample storage room, cabling, 24v power, and of course a network of compatible security cameras.

Security Cameras

Available in a wide variety of types, the right security cameras for your system usually depends on a combination of your budget and your individual needs.

Some security cameras are built for installation outside in the weather, while others can only be used inside. There are cameras that can pan and tilt, some that can zoom in and out, and there are some which can be used specifically to read and photograph every license plate that comes onsite.

Bullet Cameras

These cylindrical-shaped cameras used all the time in wired security systems. They can easily be mounted just about anywhere, with excellent range and zoom capabilities, as well as other feature options like night-vision and infra-red. Because they’re instantly recognizable as a security camera, they can also be useful as a visual deterrent as well.

Dome Cameras

Small, black orbs that are mounted to the ceiling, these security cameras are often called an “eye in the sky” and provide excellent field of view. Available either fixed in position or with remote controlled which allows for a versatile real-time view. The less assertive, humble dome has the advantage of all the security you could ever need, without the in-your-face appearance of other cameras.

Fisheye Cameras

With a condensed periphery and a central focus, security cameras with fisheye lenses are often used to monitor warehouses or parking lots. Whatever is lost in resolution with these self-contained cameras, is certainly made up for with their reliability.

Turret Cameras

Often nicknamed “eyeball” cameras, these turret cameras have a ball-and-socket joint which allows for the field of view to be redirect precisely without having to remount it completely. Perfect for use in a warehouse, they work great in low-light or infrared because of the glass housing that has no negative impact on the lens. It can be difficult to see exactly where these cameras have been aimed, which can give them a panoptic impression that acts as a deterrent.

Wireless Cameras

These plug-and-play wireless security cameras have become very popular over recent years, which create a surveillance network by utilizing your existing Wi-Fi connection. Wireless security cameras do have advantages of over wired models, with easier installation, no wiring, and remote access. Best used for monitoring small sized rooms, wireless cameras often have varying levels of image distortion, especially when zooming in.

Security Camera Installation

Your security cameras should be installed in locations that capture all the important areas of your business. The installation process can be a confusing process for business owners, which is why most often decide to have them installed professionally.

Security cameras should be installed so that they cover all external access doors as a priority. After that, security cameras should be installed on all 4 building corners to provide views of the entire perimeter, then in places that cover all the first-floor windows, and finally anywhere else that could be a security risk.

You are going to want to monitor everything that happens on your property, so avoid installation in any locations that may create blind spots by checking their field of view before mounting them. Don’t forget that any security camera that ae being used must be both waterproof and weather-resistant so that they withstand everything from hot and freezing temperatures, as well as moisture.

Security Lighting

Criminals come out at night because it’s easier to hide in the dark. Outdoor security lights are one of the most effective methods for deterring criminals from breaking in. Properties that are well-lit are statistically less likely to attract crime because it increases the likelihood of exposing the criminal to anyone close by.

Security lights can be set up to come on at certain times of the night, which means your cameras will get better footage of criminals, as well as highlighting any unusual activity outside to anyone passing near.

Contact the experts at Buchmann Electric today to discuss your commercial security camera and lighting requirements.