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Security & Lighting

Security and lighting go hand in hand as not only does solid lighting make for a safe work environment, it also is important as a deterrent for would be predators. The best lighting design allows physical detection and facial recognition, minimizes hiding spots, and increases your sense of security. Lets get started!

You don’t have to light your working environment like the 4th of July to feel safe. Over-illumination can draw unwanted attention to valuable items in your business. Rather, let’s look at solid practices for security lighting and wise strategies to help you identify potential safety and security risks, select methods that work best for your safety and security.

Whenever designing or planning a security system and the security lighting that may go with it, it is important to pinpoint potential security issues and safety concerns ahead of time. Survey the entire plant, research potential dangers or crimes in the area, historical trends in the town for criminal activity to evaluate probable security issues. The surrounding environment will be an important factor and lend insight when assessing the level of security required. No two locations are ever exactly alike. Do the research ahead of time.

Survey the land, visibility, and permanent structures that cause room for concern. Time of day, hours of operation, and staffing requirements are all additional factors. Will the facility or plant have 24 hour security from actual humans or will there be times when the entire location is empty.

Once proper assessment is completed, both active and passive security elements can be discussed and implemented. Passive security elements include things like locks, fences, barbed wire, and various signage. These elements are permanently put in place to act as barriers and deterrents. Active security elements include things like security cameras, monitored closed circuit TV’s, and coded and fingerprint entries. These are active because they take action to activate.

Buchmann Electric is here to provide you with the services and products you need to implement any security project you need to execute. We can work alongside any security assessment team you have assembled or we can assist in the planning and implementation as well. The important thing is to do it right the first time and put in place the exact security strategy and system that meets your needs and functions as designed. We are always here to help!

Lighting and Lighting Control
Lighting control systems provide intelligent network-based solutions for illuminating commercial buildings by incorporating communication between all of the various lighting components, while also enabling integration with security systems.
Security cameras & Site lighting installations
Security technology for security camera and lighting systems have advanced a lot over the last few decades. These days, you can even see your whole property at any time on your smartphone, from almost anywhere in the world.