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Rail Systems & Carousels

Goods-to-picker technology such as rail systems and carousels really enhance storage density, product security, and speed throughput, while also reducing the cost of labor. One of the most efficient and fastest technologies available for picking and packing order fulfillment industries, carousels increase productivity and save space by transporting the required components directly to the assembly worker or order picker.

Vertical Carousels deliver items at convenient and ergonomic access windows via rotating shelves that have the ability to move up or down in response to the commands of operators. With a chain-driven carriage and rotating shelves, vertical lift modules are a highly configurable so that loads are delivered faster to operators for assembly, picking, or packing.

Goods To Person Versatility

Because they deliver loads directly to an operator, these carousels drastically reduce the necessity for bending, walking, climbing, reaching, or searching for any inventory items. These systems use pass-through designs which eliminates time-consuming transport of products or parts between floors. This can drive productivity which can see an increase of around to 2.5 times on average.

With a true point-of-use design, space-saving rail systems and carousels can be placed much closer to pick modules or production areas which ensures that everything required is closer to the point of operation, which eliminates walking back and forth between stock rooms or cribs. Dual-access options provide an incredible amount of versatile flexibility and are available for multi-operator use, whether on multiple floors or front and rear.

Automated Vertical Carousels

Rotating shelving units and a chain-driven carriage that move up or down in response to the commands of an operator, vertical carousels deliver items for faster assembly or picking and packing. Vertical carousels have the same minimal footprint as traditional shelving, carton flow racks, or modular drawers, so a standard vertical system can save around 1,400 square feet of floor space.

Product protection is also a factor as vertical carousels can enclose each load beneath a cover panel protection system which reduces housekeeping and plant maintenance by drastically minimizes dust particles within product storage. There is also the option of vertical lift modules as per below for a far more configurable option.

Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical lift modules are fully automated vertical storage and retrieval systems which enhance picking accuracy, security, and speed while additionally saving space by using the full vertical area. Vertical lift modules may seem very similar to vertical carousels, but there are actually some significant differences such as product rotation.

Vertical lift modules are designed to deliver only each required item while leaving the rest of the products in storage, whereas carousels essentially rotate the entire carousel when delivering inventory to an operator. While carousels are fixed height so they can’t be modified by removal of or additional levels, vertical lift modules are modular so they can be easily expanded or reduced vertically to add or remove height for more or less capacity whenever required.

Horizontal Carousels

This type of carousel delivers products via a system of horizontally rotating shelves when instructed to by parts pickers or any other assembly employees. They save space and speed up operations by significantly increasing throughput better than many other traditional methods. Particularly popular in a range of distribution applications, horizontal carousel systems are highly durable and very low maintenance, providing faster and more accurate order picking, as well as inventory management, higher security, and much better usage of space.

Controls & Software Systems

These rail systems and carousels can become increasingly more efficient by utilizing customized controls and software solutions throughout your factory. Integrations of high-speed drives and microprocessor controllers can ultimately allow for ultra-fast travel speeds for carousels and other rail systems of up to 2.3 meters per second.

Some other examples of how advanced control solutions drive efficiency of operations include the Access Priority Factor, which remembers frequently requested containers and stores them closer to where they are required, and the Optimization Run, which automatically eliminates any space that is unused.

Add-on modules

Primed and ready for integration into a wide range of existing IT structures, add-on modules allow you to reduce costs while also maximizing storage management. Buchannan Electric have over 45 years’ experience in the industry and can help you develop the right programming package and other add on controls for each and every application.

Contact the expert team at Buchannan Electric today for information on how our rail systems, carousels, and other machinery or software can be integrated into your specific industry.