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Process Control Wiring For Waste & Water Treatment Facilities

It may not be glamorous, but water and wastewater treatment is a core component of modern society.

Essential for the survival of all human life, clean water is also vital for residential and commercial use, as well as for industrial applications such as mining, groundwater remediation, and refining petroleum. This includes drinking and service water, as well as water used for hydroelectricity which generate electrical power.

Process Control Wiring

Buchmann Electric offers maximum availability combined with high operational security, as well as the possibility of remote maintenance for the fastest and easiest method of upgrading to any one of the new generation control systems.

The automation solutions we provide users has a complete view of the entire plant thanks to the integration of data from all areas and systems inside the plant, including the remote system SCADA. The open architecture of our control systems seamlessly rationalize and consolidate plant data and enhance operator response to changing conditions, improving both plant safety and uptime.

Water Treatment & Management

Water management systems require vigilant operation because they are so complex, and the applications will have constant and far-reaching effects on both humans and the environment. Municipal water systems obtain the raw water that has been pumped from resources such as lakes or rivers, so that it can go through the treatment required to meet any and all regulatory water standards fo it to be deemed potable for human consumption, or alternatively for commercial use in systems such as water boilers, cooling towers, and other a wide range of other industrial applications.

The management of water and wastewater has become increasingly high priority in a wide industries such as energy production, chemical manufacturing, as well as the processing of food and of pharmaceuticals. The treatment quality of all grades of water depends entirely on which type of process has been used. These treatment plants carry out primary, secondary, as well as tertiary processes will all vary completely depending on the level of contaminants that have been found in the water.

These complex automation and process control solutions for the automation of the water and the wastewater industry control all types processes. Desalination, distribution irrigation, water pumping, wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment, protection of waterways and coastal regions.

Anyone who has worked in the water industry will attest that they face almost constant daily pressures to maintain or improve water quality and energy efficiency. Which seems to coincide with the rise in consumer expectations, and also minimize leakage and preserve any scarce resources.

The treatment of both water and wastewater is carried out after the water has started moving through the different stages. Different pump stations are utilized for this process, with each area or station inside of the water treatment process can require a different type of pump. While the pumps are different, they all share the common architecture of an electric motor and a method of controlling those motors.

This is an extremely energy-intensive process to move so much water consistently, with electric motor-driven devices such as pumps which use almost 65%-70% of all electricity produced. Water and wastewater systems are well known to often utilize around half of the energy in any municipality, of which 90% is used by pumps.

Switches and sensors at the water level such as trapped air column sensor or bubbler system trigger. When a desirable water level is attained when it senses pressure and level, are commonly used for pump station controls. Other control alternatives include options like float switches or electrodes placed at cut-off levels. These switches and sensors then send a signal the pump motor control systems to achieve optimum process and efficiencies so as to ensure the water treatment process continues flowing.

Buchmann Process Control Board & Wiring

Whether you need a brand-new process control system, or your existing system requires servicing or replacement, you should contact the experts at Buchmann Electric today to discuss your requirements in detail. Our technicians are standing by to discuss exactly what need. We talk about this with you directly whenever it is necessary. It is just as important to us as it is to you to ensure the process control system has been designed correctly before the install and installed correctly to the exact specifications.

All of the work carried out by Buchmann Electric will be completed on time and on budget, which we will also double check before we leave to ensure that everything is running efficiently and safely.