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Power Distribution

Almost every part of our daily life is affected by the use of electrical power. From basics tasks like turning on the lights inside your house to the complexities of powering an entire industrial facility, people have generally come to expect safe and reliable electricity to be accessible at all times.

Power distribution is fundamentally the hub of electrical systems and the concentrated power source which then distributes and routes the electricity to wherever it is needed. Most aspects of power distribution can be customized with a wide range of integrated components, such as switch gears, panels, feeders, transformers, and motor control centers.

As the popularity and functionality of new technology and smart hardware continues to rise, so does the need to supplant older equipment that is either outdated or obsolete. Connection and maintenance of this electrical equipment for power distribution is becoming more and more predominantly the responsibility of building owners rather than local utility companies.

Designing, installing, adjusting, maintaining and servicing systems of power distribution affects every application where power is used such as data centers, clean rooms, computer rooms, production lines, generation plants, mixed-use offices and other properties. Power distribution systems must be implemented with strict conformance to the electrical industry quality and safety and standards set by OSHA, UL, ABC, NFIB, MECA, and ISNetworld.

Having a great deal of power doesn’t do anyone a lot of good if it’s stuck in one spot. So when it comes to the distribution of power whether underground or overhead, our highly trained electricians are specialists. Buchannan Electric have over 45 years of experience working with the challenges of electrical distribution for a wide variety of applications. When it comes to electrical power distribution services above or below, our value and experience are both unmatched.

Overhead Distribution

The particulars of overhead electrical cable construction and distribution can seem like an overwhelming job, even for seasoned construction companies and their foremen. Buchannan Electric has experience distributing overhead power over many thousands of miles over the years and have the ability to deliver distribution solutions for almost any overhead project.

Underground Distribution

Installing electrical power cables underground can be daunting and overwhelming yet totally necessary, and thankfully it gets a whole lot easier when you contract the expert electricians from Buchannan Electric. We have the experience and flexibility to complete underground distribution projects to any specifications, with our customer service and personal focused approach.

Why Choose Buchannan for your Power Distribution Systems?

As an electrical contractor that provides a full-service, Buchannan Electric has the professional expertise and experience required to install and maintain power distribution services for all industrial sectors, including biomedical, life sciences, and any other commercial premises.

What really sets Buchannan Electric apart from other contractors is our proven track record of power distribution systems that meet and exceed all requirements, while also providing true cost-effective scalability to serve any future needs, expansions, or facility changes. It is also critical to have insight, knowledge, and best practices in mind when designing power distribution systems that are safe and cost-effective.

Healthy power distribution systems are key to your facility’s ability to function properly, and the best way to always ensure your system is running at is peak is to have it serviced often. Our comprehensive field services assist with improving safety and efficiency while also reducing downtime and costs over for all of your electrical distribution assets.

In true turn-key fashion, Buchannan Electric can provide skilled electrical technicians to handle the any electrical project, from connection of the utility all the way up to the wall outlets. We safely and cost-effectively perform both routine and emergency maintenance on industrial electrical systems and equipment.

Our experience encompasses new construction projects, major shutdowns, plant relocations, capital expansions, and any other services for contract maintenance. Buchannan Electric performs maintenance on both system-wide or individual projects that requires equipment inspection, replacement, repair, and all kinds of emergency restorations.

The expert team at Buchannan Electric are available 24/7 whenever serious weather events or climate strikes, ready to fix systems and reestablish power connections as expediently as possible. In remote country locations to busy downtown avenues, our teams can be there for you, even in the most challenging circumstances and landscapes, to deliver both underground and overhead power distribution services.

From switchgear to transformers, and the streetlights on boulevards, the experienced team from Buchannan Electric can dependably deliver emergency restoration and brand-new installation of power distribution services with a profound commitment to the environment and to human safety.