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Postal Conveyors

Parcel sortation is an integral yet demanding area of any order processing and fulfillment center. If there are any issues with the process it will likely mean wasted effort and time, which will both ultimately affect your bottom line and eat into profit margins. Thankfully parcel sortation efforts can be improved through automation via postal conveyors.

Buchannan Electric recognizes the unique challenges faced by the postal industry, such as fragile or delicate materials which need to be processed at high speeds. This is just one of the many reasons it is vital for conveyor systems to work flawlessly, without any possible risk of jamming or binding. We offer a wide range of postal conveyor applications which cater specifically to all types of material processing, while also focusing on bulk handling and low-noise units.

The postal and parcel industries have many complex demands when it comes to conveyor technologies, so thankfully there are quite a few different options available to choose from when implementing sortation systems for parcel sortation and ultimately distribution. The most suitable system will depend on peak rates, product variety, and available floorspace for housing the system.

For operations that require high volume sorting capabilities, the options below will most likely suit your needs and reach your goals. Tilt-tray, cross-belt, and sliding shoe sorter conveyors provide the best material handling systems for supporting road and air deliveries for some of the largest postal and parcel carriers in the world.

Tilt-tray Sorter

This type of sorter consists of trays which are mounted to carts on conveyor that are on a continuous loop, and products are then transferred by tilting into a chute after it has reached the correct destination for sorting. Items are either manually or automatically inducted onto each tray via multiple station locations throughout the loop.

While they are typically an expensive system, they ultimately offer some high sorting rates compared to many other systems for sortation. Another plus for tilt-tray sorters is the fact that they are capable of handling different shapes items, making it one of the most ideal systems for any industry which has a diverse product range.

Cross-Belt Sorter

Very similar in many ways to tilt-trays, cross-belt sorters are motorized belt-style conveyors with carts mounted on them which are also running on a continuous loop, transferring items into chutes at precise moments. Cross-belt sorters also offer high sorting rates, they can also handle various types of products, and they are also typically expensive.

Split Tray or Bombay Sorter

Also called Bombay sorters, split-tray sorters are ideal for small lightweight items to be automatically sorted at high speeds. This can include mail and parcels, but also bagged garments, CDs, books, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and any other item that is too light or small to be handled by any other typical conveyor system.

Unlike cross-belt or tilt-tray sorters that utilize tilting carts, parcels on Bombay sorters fall through trapdoors so it can be routed to the correct location. The parcels can then be sorted for further processing via a chute or otherwise dropped directly into a tote bag or a carton ready for shipping to the customer.

Sliding Shoe Sorter

Sliding Shoe sorters have multiple shoes attached to the surface of the conveyor which then positively diverts products at specified moments into after-sort conveyors. This sortation system is usually fed by a single product stream that has been merged from multiple areas upstream.

With the ability to handle high peak rates, sliding shoe sorters deal with anywhere between 20 and hundreds of products per minute, depending on the size and weight of the items being sorted. Another plus of the sliding shoe sorter is that it can handle a wide range of product materials due to the system’s mechanics and the positive divert ability.

The professionals at Buchannan Electric can assist you with ascertaining which system would be the most compatible solution for your specific operation. We are available for do on-site analysis, design, and ultimately the complete installation. Our team of experts have over 45 years of experience which means we can efficiently evaluate and then proceed to develop a conveyor solution for your facility.

Contact the expert team at Buchannan Electric today for more information on how our postal and parcel handling conveyors or any other machinery and software can be integrated successfully into your specific industry. Our systems are some of the more robust ones available in the postal handling industry, and our track record with small parcel handling has helped elevate our team into one of the leaders of the industry.