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Pipe Bending

Electrical raceways and conduits are utilized in lighting installations, industrial machinery, building construction, and many other applications to provide a safe and reliable method of routing wires where they’re needed while shielding them from water, heat, corrosion, humidity, and other contaminants.

Tube bending is any process of metal shaping used to permanently form pipes, channels, or tubing. It can be structure bound or use freeform bending, and it might utilize heat supported or cold forming procedures. Round stock tubing is the most common pipe utilized in tube bending, but square or rectangular pipes and tubes can also be twisted and bent to meet some job specifications. Other factors taken into consideration with pipe bending procedures include wall thickness, tooling and lubricants required by the tube and pipe bender to best shape the material.

One important consideration is that the more bends needed between intersection boxes, the harder it is to pull wires through the electrical conduit, as well as the National Electric Code which limits how many degrees are bowed to 360°. In any case, to appropriately protect and secure the wires and fit to suit the plans, the metal tubing should ideally be accurately precision bent and manufactured to create a truly custom component.

Offset bends are mostly used to navigate or relocate pipes or tubing around walls, columns, segments, or other obstructions. The necessary bend angle is determined by the amount of offset required for each project, the amount of space available for placement, and the type and size of each obstacle which needs to be worked around.

Custom Tube Bending for Wiring Conduits

Buchmann Electric manufactures custom electrical conduit, wireways, and raceways for a wide range of OEM hardware. We provide tube bending, along with assembly and fabrication to create custom tubular components for electrical wiring that meet the exact specifications of our customers. We have diverse capabilities of manufacturing and bending, with state-of-the-art equipment and hardware, as well as highly skilled and experienced electricians, all of which combine to enable us to create perfect custom wiring solutions for each unique application.

We offer a variety of secondary operations, including tube threading, specialty end configurations, silver soldering, brazing, as well as plating, welding, machining, finishing, and much more. We can ultimately reduce how many contractors required to get your electrical conduit exactly how you need. Our operations can save money, time, and headaches on every electrical project. Whether you need progressively complex segments with multiple bends, fasteners, and other fittings installed, or just some simple tubular conduit with only a few basic bends, Buchmann Electric can do it all.

Tube Bending Materials for Any Custom Wireway

Buchmann Electric manufacture metal wiring conduit which can be uniquely bent from a wide variety of different materials, in sizes between 1/8″ and 1″. Each different material has distinctive bending attributes, and our skilled team of electricians can create and produce perfect, on-spec twists and bends to suit any design, regardless of the material required. We provide pipe bending services for EMT or electrical metallic tubing made out of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper.

Electrical Tubing That Matches Specifications

With more than 45 years in the electrical industry, Buchmann Electric has an abundance of experience producing custom bent and specially bowed metal wiring conduit for innumerable products, projects, and applications. We serve all of our clients by acting like a specialized extension or expansion of their company. They provide the plans, designs, and specifications for each project, and we then provide our expertise in tube bending to meet those exact requirements.

Working directly from PDF, CAD, or any other types of design files, we can guarantee custom tubular wireways always match each unique requirement. A prime example of our abilities in manufacturing metal wiring channels to specification is our history working with improving the lighting for companies. We produce and deliver conduit from a range of brass tubing, which must be precision bent to suit specifications, and each end threaded to a precise thread count and length. This custom bent piping can then be utilized as both a conduit for wiring as well as mounting bars for light fixtures to be mounted and hung.

Get in touch with Us for Custom Tubular Wiring Conduit

We can handle every aspect of standard and custom electrical pipe bending, providing accurate and efficient offset bend services no matter what your required bend angle and cosecant. True specialists in custom pipe bending, Buchmann Electric has over 45 years of experience so you can be sure that no one does it better.