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Commercial Lighting & Lighting Control Systems

Lighting solutions from Buchmann Electric Corporation ensure you are never left in the dark, so that you can sleep easy.

Around 35% of electricity consumption in the average commercial building is used for illumination with much of it wasted because of factors like unintuitive controls, incorrectly designed lighting systems, and inefficient lighting equipment.

Because of the high levels of wastage and cost, there have been a wide range of commercial improvements over the past decade for increase adaptability and control of lighting systems.

Our highly experienced technicians at Buchmann Electric are certified system designers and installers work directly with you, so your lighting systems are designed specifically to suit your budget and requirements. Buchmann ascertain the best methods to control your lighting and enhance energy efficiency by utilizing the most up to date designs for performance and sustainability.

What Are Lighting Control Systems?

Lighting control systems provide intelligent network-based solutions for illuminating commercial buildings by incorporating communication between all of the various lighting components, while also enabling integration with security systems.

From basic wall-mounted dimmers or occupancy sensors for single lights to the more comprehensive software systems for customized lighting management, Buchmann Electric provides the correct control solutions for illuminating commercial buildings.

Lighting control can be set up to determine the best lighting requirements for the building based on certain times, intensity of light, or building occupancy. These flexible solutions are designed to reduce energy use of lighting while also ensuring ergonomic comfort.

Lighting control systems can be set up to work with fluorescent, incandescent, or LED luminaires and lamps, to ensure the safe navigation of your workspaces while also saving you money on energy.

Benefits Of Lighting Control Systems

An excellent way to significantly reduce commercial energy use, lighting control systems

also enhance the safety and security of your employees thanks to the automatic and intuitive lighting for whenever they exit the building at night.

As the natural light changes throughout the day, lighting control can be set up to automatically adjust lighting so there is no discernible change in work areas. This is another big plus for business owners as it has been shown to noticeably increase the productivity of your staff.

Buchmann Electric Corporation can help you enhance energy efficiency and overall building performance by reducing the total about of hours that the lights are on per year, which also extends lamp and light life.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls can range from basic light switches to integrated systems made up of user interfaces, controllers, drivers, sensors, and software that can be set up to work directly with any other building management systems. Some systems may require additional programming of systems, whereas ‘Plug & Play’ solutions most likely don’t need any extra commissioning to achieve the most optimal results.

By planning your lighting systems to work in combination with any existing hardware, Buchmann Electric can create a unique controls proposal options so that you can choose the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Dimmer Controls

Dimmer controls are inexpensive and easy methods for providing variable brightness of indoor lighting. When lightbulbs are dimmed, not only does it reduce their wattage and energy output, but they also significantly increase the lightbulbs’ service life.

Occupancy Sensor Controls

Occupancy sensors detect any kind of activity within certain indoor areas allowing them to conveniently turn lights on whenever someone comes into the room, as well as turning lights off not long after leaving. Occupancy sensors need to be located somewhere they can easily detect activity in all areas of the specified room.

Motion Sensor Controls

Often used for outdoor security as well as utility lighting, motion sensors automatically illuminate outdoor lights whenever motion is detected, switching them off again a short while later. Because some security lights and utility lights may only be required when people are present during the night, a combination of a motion sensor and photosensor may be the best way to control them.

Timer Controls

Timers can be set up to switch outdoor and indoor lights on and off at specific times of the day or night. There are basically two main types of timers available, with manual timers plugged into an electrical outlet which controls lamps, and programmable digital timers that are hardwired and installed into the wall to allow automation of indoor or outdoor lighting.

Photosensor Controls

Photosensor controls are used to constantly sense the ambient light conditions to prevent your outdoor lights from coming on at any time that the sun is out. This can provide a large energy saving because if anyone forgets to turn off outdoor lights, it’s impossible for them to be on during daylight hours.

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