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Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning systems, or HVAC for short, generally include everything from large systems in industrial buildings, apartment blocks, or skyscrapers, all the way down to the smaller size air conditioners used in houses. These systems are essential in many commercial buildings, especially whenever health regulations state that temperature and humidity of work environments must always be below certain levels.

Buchmann Electric Corporation ensure our HVAC systems have been correctly designed utilising a combination of the principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics to ultimately provide the best possible thermal control inside commercial premises. Heating and cooling commercial buildings need a HVAC system that is functional and energy efficient, while creating a temperate and comfortable environment. Some systems are also adjustable with options for zone control that can adjust the temperature differently for each room.

Energy efficiency and intensity of emissions can vary substantially with these technologies, so it isn’t uncommon for HVAC systems installed in commercial buildings or office spaces to consume anywhere up to half of all energy use and cost. This is partly because they often dominate the demand for building electricity at peak times, so the installation of a correctly designed HVAC systems or improve the overall efficiency of existing units can drastically reduce a large proportion of these peak charges.

Highly experienced and certified HVAC technicians at Buchmann Electric are available to design and install systems specifically created to suit your budget and requirements. Buchmann work together with you to ensure the performance and sustainability of your HVAC system utilises up to date products and current technology to greatly enhance your energy efficiency.

Commercial HVAC System Components

While each of these are available as stand-alone systems, many commercial premises would benefit greatly by utilising interconnected systems to provide individual floors or other areas with heating and cooling as required.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps act like a refrigerator in reverse by extracting heat from air outside or water which then moves energy between heating and cooling modes.

Roof Top Units

Very commonly seen installed on the roof or possibly the ground in cities like New York, these commercial HVAC applications are used to duct the conditioned air into the workspace.


These systems generate cool water that is then distributed via piping systems directly to coils used to cool the air.


The most common heaters are hot air furnaces that heat the air by burning fuel, whereas radiant heaters use invisible infrared radiation to directly heat objects.

Commercial HVAC System Types

There are generally 3 different types of commercial HVAC systems available which are listed below. To ensure you choose the right system for your property, talk to us at Buchmann Electric Corporation today.

Single Split System

One of the most popular and affordable HVAC systems available, single split systems allow for the control of heating and cooling in individual rooms. These systems are suitable for most smaller sized commercial buildings which have server rooms, small offices, restaurants, or retail shops.

These systems usually have an air conditioner that is used to cool the refrigerant, with furnaces attached to an evaporator coil for converting refrigerant. These systems are commonly controlled with either a control panel or thermostat.

Multi Split System

Like single split systems, multi splits systems allows the compressor to operate at variable speeds by utilising inverter technologies. Multi-split HVAC systems are also unique as just 1 outdoor unit can connect up to 9 indoor units.

Multi split systems have sensors which detect small changes to the temperature, and then making small adjustments when needed to reduce the amount of energy consumed.

Variable Refrigerant System

If your commercial property is a medium to large size building with for mixed use retail or office space, a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) or VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) HVAC system might be your most suitable choice. Heat Pump and Heat Recovery are the two different available types of variable refrigerant systems.

A good choice for areas with open plans, heat pump systems can either provide cooling or heating to a commercial property. Best suited for areas with several smaller rooms, heat recovery systems on the other hand can simultaneously provide both heating and cooling.

Contact the HVAC System experts at Buchmann Electric today to discuss your requirements today. Having an effectively operating Commercial HVAC System installed in your commercial building is a core component to reduce energy costs, increase workplace productivity, and provide client comfort.