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Top Tips for Installing Security Lighting

On top of all other features like a security alarm, the security light is an important tool for enhancing security at your home. However, the installation of security lights is not enough if it is not done the right way. When done right, security lights can go a long way in protecting you and your family from would-be intruders. This article looks at some tips for installing effective security lighting at your home.

  • Put Them High Enough

Hoisting your security light high above the ground benefits the property owner in many ways. A potential intruder would want and will try to tamper with the security light in a bid to turn it off so that they can gain access to your premises.

emergency light installed on a wall in a corner
Therefore, if the lights are high, the intruders will not have access and will be discouraged to try interfering with them. Installing security lights high above the ground eliminates chances of casting shadows because the intensity of the light has been reduced. When the lights are close to the ground, they cast shadows on your yard, which gives the intruder undetected access to your property.

  • Use Multiple Security Lights

Using moderately bright security works better than having just a few brightly colored security lights. This is because few but very brightly colored security lights will only cast shadows on your yard, leave some dark spots, and give the intruder an easy time. Besides, few but brightly colored security lights will cause so much glare and you and your neighbors will not be able to tell the presence of the intruder. A full glare will also illuminate the intruder and they will comfortably execute their mission. Multiple but moderately colored security lights, on the other hand, eliminate the possibilities of dark spots since they cover all angles, and after all, they do not leave the chances of shadows.

  • Avoid Colored Security Lights

Most colored lights are usually dull and lack enough intensity to scare away potential intruders. The most unfortunate thing about such lights is that they also cast shadows on your yard, which encourages the intruder to execute their ill missions. Besides, colored security lights would only give the intruders the impression that you are not serious with your security, and you do not want to appear as if you are encouraging the intruder.

  • Hide Wiring of Your Security Lights

A smart burglar will always try to tamper with the security lights to make their work easier. One of the many ways to do this is by cutting off the power supply to the lights by disconnecting the wiring. With this in mind, try as much as possible to hide the wiring connections from the reach of a potential intruder. This is why in the previous tips we emphasized the need to have the security installed high above the ground. You could try to have the wiring connection inside the house or underground to hide it from intruders. The best way to eliminate the chances of an intruder interfering with the wiring connections is by installing solar-powered security lights because these do not need any open wiring. For extra security, use multiple circuits so that when one circuit is broken, the lights will continue lighting.

  • Protect Your Security Lights

Most people make the mistake of just thinking of what the security lights can do for them and forget the security of the security lights. Security lights also need to be protected from the possibility of tampering by intruders. You can make some metallic wired boxes to protect the lights.

  • Combine Motion Sensor and Timer Security Lights

A security timer gives a false impression of a person manually turning the lights on. This will discourage the intruder because they think that the property owner can hear them. Motion detector security on the other hand turns on abruptly without the intruder expecting it. A combination of these two takes your security to another level in that the intruder thinks that you are monitoring their movements and they end up being discouraged to complete their mission.

Human eyes are designed to take some time to adjust from dark to bright colors. So if your security lights do not have any of the above features, turn them off and only turn them back on when you detect something unusual outside. If an intruder was busy in their mission in darkness and then suddenly bright lights turned on, the adrenalin in them will direct them to flee your compound. If you are looking to get the best out of your security lighting, the consider implementing the aforementioned factors.

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