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How to Uninstall a Wired Home Alarm System?

Due to the advancement in technology, most homeowners seem to be fast embracing the new trend; wireless home alarm systems. Wireless home alarm systems are easier to install and they offer the convenience of movement when changing location. On the flip side, doing away with old wired home alarm systems is not as easy as one would imagine. Failure to follow the right procedure may end up with a very loud siren noise and finally, police officers storming your property. To avoid any hurdles, this article gives a simple and easy process to follow when uninstalling a wired home alarm system.

  • Contact the Alarm Company
Electrician Installing Security System Door Sensor
A home alarm system is designed in a way that if you or any would-be intruder happened to interrupt it, it sends a signal to an alarm company remotely. Upon receiving the alarm signal, the person monitoring the system at the alarm company notifies the police who in turn swiftly show up at your doorstep. Since the presence of police at your doorstep is not ideal, especially if there is no good reason for that, notify your alarm company before getting started. Letting the alarm company know that you are upgrading can save you all the headaches because they will disable the system from their end. After all, they will switch on the system in case it goes off.

  • Disconnect the Siren

Built on a separate circuit, the siren is designed to sound loudly if someone tries to cut power supply to the main system. This means that the only way to make sure the siren will not go off is by cutting off the power supply. With this in mind, ensure to disconnect the power supply from the alarm system as well as the siren.

  • Remove the Control Panel

The control panel is where everything in the system operates from and the removal of the alarm system is far from over unless it is disconnected. Now that the power supply is disconnected, just pull down the panel. You will then find a bundle of red and black wires in the panel. If you plan to use the old wiring in your new home alarm system, cap them off. If not, then you can remove them later in the last stage of the removal process.

  • Remove Backup Batteries

Most home alarm systems, including wireless one, have a battery pack for backup just in case the power supply is cut off by any would be intruder. Since the pack is rarely used, it may still be in good condition and you can even use it with the new home alarm system. If it is completely damaged, then you should consider removing it altogether and replacing it with a new one. The battery pack is fed with black and red wires so ensure to remove and cap them off.

  • Remove Other Components

A home alarm system comprises other components that include a siren, CCTV cameras, motion detectors, and glass break sensors. Chances are that these components are completely damaged or obsolete so you will not need them in the new alarm system. Remove them with the use of a power screwdriver since most of them are mounted using screws. This is the most difficult and tedious step of the removal process because you will have to climb up the walls to remove components such as the cameras and horns. If you are not a very handy person, consider calling in a contractor to do the job because you may sustain injuries.

  • Remove the Wiring

Electrical wires power most components of a home alarm system. Therefore, you have to be extra careful with the wiring. The last thing you want is to be electrocuted. If you are not sure about the wiring, call in an electrician to do it for you. If you plan to use the wiring in your new alarm system, then let it be. The alarm company will decide whether to use the old wiring.

As you may have noted, it is possible to uninstall a wired home alarm system. However, removing an old wired home alarm system requires some muscle since it is not only tedious but also quite tricky. You may trip, fall, sustain injuries, or even get electrocuted. The easiest and safest way to go about this if you are not a very handy person is to leave the job to an electrician or better still, the company you will hire to install your new home alarm system.

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