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Do Electricians Provide Emergency Services?

Just like any other system, electrical systems are also prone to faults, especially when they are installed incorrectly or have gone for so long without maintenance. A small issue with electrical systems is very risky since this can lead to electrical fires and accidents. When this happens, you can call electricians for emergency services. This article gives instances that could make you call electricians for emergency services.

  • When Lights Are Flickering

Although flickering lights are not so much of a concern, they are usually a sign of an underlying problem somewhere.

Young electrician installing alarm system
Flickering lights are a result of too much power being consumed by another electric appliance somewhere else in the house that it ends up denying the lights enough power. Normal flickering may happen for a very short term especially when switching on the lights. However, when the flickering happens very often and for a prolonged period, then it is high time you called for emergency services.

  • When There Are Signs of Electrical Fires

Signs of electrical fires are a clear indicator that something serious is happening in your electrical system. One of the signs is the acrid smell of burnt wires in your home. It means a wire somewhere has melted and is burning due to electric shocks or a power surge. Another sign is the hot and blackening electrical outputs and switches. It is usually because of some mild fire when the wires or fuses are burning beneath the switch. In case this happens, the first thing you should is to cut off the power supply at the main and then call for emergency services.

  • When Electrical Appliances, Outlets, and Wires Generate Some Shock

It is common for electrical appliances to be hot when they have been in use for quite long and when they are so old. This is because most electrical appliances emit heat when in use. However, it is not normal when they feel warm to the touch for a prolonged time after use or even before being used. The warm to touch may sometimes be accompanied by some mild electrical shocks. When this happens, and the appliances are still plugged, it means the switch at the socket is dysfunctional and is still allowing the passage of current, hence the heat. It can also mean the fuse is allowing more than the needed current and this is something to warrant the need for emergency services.

  • When Outlets Are Sparking with Buzzing Sounds

In case an outlet sparkles unwarranted, or starts a producing buzzing sounds, then that could be a crisis. If this occurs, it is a great sign that you need new outlets since you should not generally observe the sparkle or buzzing occurring. This is a sure indication of an electrical issue that professionals should address quickly because doing this alone can be quite risky.

  • When Fuses Blow Often

Fuses always blow, especially when they are too old. However, it becomes very disturbing when the fuses blow very often or even shortly after purchasing them. Blown fuses are due to too much electric current passing through it hence the burning. When fuses blow, just know that the current could have burnt your appliances and the worst could have happened – electrical fires. It is therefore a reason enough to warrant the emergency attention of an electrician. This is because the blowing may sometimes be so intense and cause electrical fires.

As you have seen, many electrical faults could warrant the immediate assistance of an electrician. You should reach out to an electrical expert once you see lights flickering frequently, when there are signs of electrical fires, when your electrical system generates shock, when fuses blow often among many other reasons. When one of the above instances happens, it is a clear sign that things are not okay with the electrical system and it is the highest time you called for emergency services. You should never touch burning wires and fuses and sparking outlets. Before you call for emergency services, the first thing you should do when these occurrences happen is to cut off the power supply at the mains. This can help reduce the risks of electrical faults and keep you and your family safe. Most of these electrical faults are because of taking too long without inspections and maintenance. To prevent such issues from happening so often, normalize scheduling inspections and maintenance often. It will give you peace of mind and save you a lot of money, as it prevents damage.

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