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Control Panel Installations

Our team of expert technicians at Buchmann Electric manufacture control panels for a wide range of applications, for use in both commercial or manufacturing applications, as well as a functional component in electronic products and equipment.

Whether you want a control panel designed and manufactured for one of your customers or for your own use, the team at Buchmann Electric utilize the latest in technology along with proven solutions to provide what you need specifically to your requirements.

Custom Manufacturing Of Motor Control Panels

Electrical control panel fabrication is often an intricate and complicated process that utilizes equal parts of highly complex technical knowledge, user-friendly design, and many years of experience working with materials which are required for safe and durable construction.

Considered by those in the industry to be both an end product and a process, motor control panel manufacturing is a client-focused and transparent process of fabrication which ends up as  an effective and durable product of the highest quality.

How Does The Process Work?

While the custom control panel is being manufacturing, the entire process requires input from technicians, engineers, draftsmen, and designers who all understand precisely what the client needs, as well as the specs and the industry standards.

We work with the client to directly assess their needs and the electrical power capabilities of the facility, understanding what the panel needs to control, and if it will be exposed to the environment. Then the order is created in the database and mapped to the client’s project.

Project Design

Our team reviews the estimated panel before creating a blank panel using a drafting tool like AutoCAD or software specifically used for panel design, and then the individual components and elements are filled in.

This provides us with an outline showing locations of all panel components, connections between each, as well as the point to point diagrams for wiring. Teams will then modify the project to include these details, as well as the enclosure layout, schematics for power and control, wiring details, and a bill of required materials.


Now the team is able to quickly review everything the project requires and begin working with their own suppliers and vendors, ensuring that will be done by deliverable dates.

Final Assembly & Quality Control

Contractors will focus at this point on ensuring the control panel was assembled precisely as directed in the initial design drawings. This includes the electrical components, point-to-point wiring testing, function testing, and terminal torque testing.

You’ll notice that each step leads to more data that is crucial and is used and acted on in the next stage. For example, design and project generation data is collected and reviewed and used in the production stage. Because the only way to really make sure that everything works correctly and syncs up as it should.

Buchmann Electric use a combination of experienced technicians and engineers, powerful software, and even an automated production with equipment that stays behind the counter for a smoother, and more efficient flow between stages as well as days.

Panel and Sub Panel upgrades
With so many advancements in modern technology over the past few decades, many companies have been left with insufficient electrical wiring for the power needs of today’s equipment. Rather than adding a new electrical panel when commercial buildings are renovated, the existing electrical wiring is rarely even touched.

Why Is UL Listing Important?

We manufacture UL panels from precisely designed UL-listed components for an unrivaled end-product. Companies like Buchmann Electric have UL 508A certification run by UL standards, and means they produce and develop materials, testing components, and systems in a manner that is safe for consumers.

The administration for many social municipal areas is strongly recommend or require UL standards for electrical construction. Maintaining compliance with local regulation is one simple reason UL listing is highly sought after.

Electrical inspectors want to be confident that a building or enterprise can operate its electrical equipment without any hazards to the well-being of people involved. UL standards provide the assurance that community authorities and electrical inspectors want to see. We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom UL electrical panels for businesses and industries everywhere.

Buchmann Conveyor Systems

A highly technical and complex process, motor control panel manufacture integrates several moving parts while also involving multiple disciplines. All our professionals that operate within the industry have an intimate understanding of how they all come together to be a part of the process which ends up with a product on front.

Whatever the specific applications for your control panel may be, we manufacture UL listed custom control panels for a electrical control panels of different, highly specialized needs. From design to installation, Buchmann Electric is your go-to source for specialization, but unfortunately work carried out by will be completed on time and on budget, after double checking that everything runs both efficiently and safely.