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Bottle & Beverage Conveyor

When it comes to automation within the beverage industry, you’re always in good hands with Buchannan Electric. We offer automated beverage and bottle solutions for a range of different materials, including plastic, glass, metal, as well as composite containers.

Whether your challenge is bottle filling, can stacking, or packaging, maximum efficiency is always required in modern lines as they are always measured by the speed and accuracy of their line output. Buchannan Electric can help you find the perfect solution to immensely improve the efficiency of your line with error-free operation and perfect line scheduling of can or bottle technology.

Our standardized beverage conveyers can be customized to meet specific industry and individual requirements with customized solutions for connecting elements, each with only the highest levels of precision, quality, efficiency, and flexibility. Our highest priorities are ensuring the conveyor systems have a stable construction, run quietly, and are very resistant to wear and tear, which is why Buchannan Electric are consistently working in harmony with our component suppliers when we are developing our bottle and beverage conveyors.

The performance of beverage and bottle lines will always depend on the individual components of the conveyor system, because even the fastest packer or filler can only ever perform to its full potential if everything in between them has also been optimized correctly. This is why conveyors from Buchannan Electric do so much more than simply transport bottles, cans, or other containers, but rather they also control the line logistics as a whole. We harmonize the function of each separate unit in the line for dependable and efficient production by intelligent design, distribution, routing, and buffering.

Conveyors & Rotary Turntables

A leading provider of bottle and beverage conveyors, machines, and rotary turntables, Buchannan Electric offers a wide range of manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, and variable speed conveying machinery systems. Our systems are available for a wide range of industries that require machinery for bottling products for food and beverages obviously, but also less obvious industries requiring bottling of molten products, candles, acids, and other corrosive products.

Buchannan Electric can supply and install AC/DC powered roller conveyors, slide track conveyors, and rotary turntables in a wide variety of configurations in whatever size, shape, and material to suit even the most demanding specific needs for bottle and beverage machine applications.

Engineered specifically to improve production efficiency during the bottling process, our highly customizable rotary turntables can be modified to meet your requirements with additional bottle guides and railings, as well as half-moon options for off-loading. We can design them depending on your production environment and manufacture them from either heavy-duty high-density polyethylene or highly durable 304 stainless steel.

Cooling Conveyors

Used when products require a machine to fill products in a molten state, cooling conveyors are most often used to handle items like lip balms, shoe polish, solid deodorants, candles, and more. Our cooling conveyors are engineered specifically to transport these containers smoothly, accurately, and slowly during both the filling stage as well as the cooling process which allows for an even cosmetic fill with extremely limited chance of spillage. The lengths and the widths of our cooling conveyors are completely customizable for your specific application, based on your product and the container type. Fan brackets and cooling fans can even be mounted under or over the conveyor belt at any position, whenever any additional cooling is required.

Standard Conveyors

Our variable speed conveyors have been designed specifically for your bottle and beverage requirements which allows for optimized efficiency of production by engineering them to fit even your most complex of requirements. Available in a wide variety of configurations, materials, lengths, widths, shapes, and types, these variable speed and modular design conveyors allows for the integration of extensions or additional conveyors into whatever conveying equipment you currently use.

Why Chose Buchannan Electric?

The beverage and bottle handling industry is heavily regulated and highly competitive, which is why it requires efficient processes to provide maximum production. Whether you are moving plastic containers, juice pouches, flexible cartons, cans, or bottles, we can assist with the identification of production areas that can be improved. From issues with material changes, product build-up, package protection, transfer points, and size variations, we are the experts you need to help improve efficiency.

Buchannan Electric have over 45 years’ experience in the industry, so we have a portfolio of bottle and beverage industry customers which is continually expanding. From custom spray warmers and coolers to the fastest de-palletizers available on the market today, our clients always turn to us for our quality solutions and unparalleled knowledge of industries which require bottle and beverage conveyors. Contact us today for information on how our conveyors and other machinery can be integrated into your specific industry application.